How did you get to Moreno Wines?

I was stacking shelves and helping with deliveries when I was 12. Tried to get away, they kept dragging me back!

Favourite Moreno wine?

Chafandin, Ribera del Duero. The 2003 vintage won trophy red at the IWC, and it’s not even there top wine! Dense layered textural wine with so much to give. Lay it down (I have 5 vintages in my garage, each awaiting its time). Drink a bottle over an afternoon, and each glass will have something different to offer.

Greatest wine moment?

Fore CUNEs 100th anniversary they opened a bottle of Imperial from each decade of the 20th century, all fantastic, but the 10s and 30s were quite mushroomy. Amazing to taste the development, and amazing how good grape juice tastes when its 70 years old.

Interests outside of wine?

Cooking, eating, Sci-fi (anything by Iain M Banks,) painting and drawing, D.I.Y. but curling up on the sofa with my wife, some good food and wine, and a box set (T.W.D./G.O.T./B.B./T.W.) is hard to beat.