How did you get to Moreno Wines?

After studying Fine Art, and a stint at Majestic Wine, Moreno is my new home for the study of all things Bacchanalian and beautiful in life.

Favourite Moreno wine?

Perusini Cabernet Franc: all the rose petal and balsamic perfume that you could hope for from a Cab Franc, gloriously aromatic, backed by a touch of spicy, earthy, animal savouriness.

Greatest wine moment?

Never a definitive answer to this one, but a good nomination would be an Asado lunch with Torrontés and Malbec the foot of the Andes after a hard morning’s ride on horseback. Here’s to many more to come.

Interests outside of wine?

Rugby and golf are my main preoccupation, but really? Even they rarely find themselves outside the influence of wine; although the success of the former does tend to be affected by the order of consumption, which probably says a lot about my handiness at either.