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Estones dry PX

Terra Alta, Spain
Pedro Ximenez
One for wine nerds and those looking something genuinely unique and original. Hurry though, only 6,000 bottles a year.
Working out of an old disco-tech, good friends Sergi and Salvi run the Estones Wines project across Terra Alta and Montsant in Catalunya. They are top of their game and consult with many other wineries seeking advice in the area.
A very 'unic' wine, coming from an incredibly rare parcel of PX owned by female viticulturist 'Montse'. It was earmarked for scrubbing up, until found by the Estones guys who insisted on making wine from it. PX is very difficult to handle, giving very low juice yield, having high pectins and raisining easily too. The wine is left on the skins for the fermentation and on lees for 6 months after. There is no oak at all.
Tasting Notes
A clean and clear orange wine. Quince jelly, honey, dried apricot but most of all incredible texture and mouth feel.
Ecological Credentials
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