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the difficult second album..

..2019 was a big year for us - we relaunched the Moreno brand, refined our ‘no bullshit’ approach and drank our own weight in wine - twice.

After some killer feedback from our customers we realised we’d set ourselves the challenge of doing even better in our second year, the dreaded difficult second album syndrome.

So, obviously, what better way to set out our stall for the second year of Moreno 2.0 than packaging our portfolio in a kick ass vinyl (our inner hipster is doing cartwheels…)


We’ve always thought tasting good wine is like listening to a beautiful symphony (inner hipster is having a field day in this post) so linking the two together was a no-brainer.

We’re dead proud of it, we’ve had some great feedback and it makes us look way cooler than we really are. If you’d like a copy or, more importantly, if you want to try the wines then get in touch.


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